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A Favorite Holiday Tradition: The NPR Staff Relay Race

By far, the best holiday tradition at NPR is our annual relay race around the perimeter of our headquarters in Washington, D.C. It's not your traditional office party: eight teams of four employees compete for glory in a race that is less about athleticism and more about the challenging activities along the way. You may recall this hippity-hop sprint from 2010, for example.

This year, the theme for our holiday festivities celebrated one of the golden ages of thought, creativity and entertainment: Paris in the Jazz Age of the 1920's. The relay crews, inspired by the theme, showed up wearing mustaches and floppy hats with team names like "The Champs of Élysées" and "The Toulouse Lautrekkers." They raced around the building holding a baguette for a baton and competed in four challenge activities: pastry eating, painting by numbers, phrase translation and the latte carry.

Our colleagues, thankfully uninhibited by propriety, are allowing us to display some photos from along the course for all to see. Enjoy.