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Peter Ramsey at NPR West. i
Melissa Kuypers/NPR
Peter Ramsey at NPR West.
Melissa Kuypers/NPR

Peter Ramsey has worked on a lot of films in his career, but after directing Rise of the Guardians, a holiday film out this season, he became the first African American to direct a big-budget, computer-generated (CG) animation film.

He told NPR Host Michel Martin, "It wasn't until my mom and dad read a newspaper article that mentioned that fact, like, a few months before we finished that I understood how much it meant to them. And then it brought it back to me. I stepped away from the work and thought about how I would have felt if I could have seen me making this movie back when I was a kid."

In the interview, which aired on Tell Me More, Ramsey also talked about the difference between directing live-action and CG movies and what it's like to work with Alec Baldwin.

On his way out, he gave us a big smile to show us some NPR love, and you better believe that's not CG.



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