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Cameron Crowe and Trevor Lawrence Heart NPR

Melissa Kuypers/NPR
Cameron Crowe and Trevor Lawrence at NPR West.
Melissa Kuypers/NPR

The score for the movie Trouble Man, written by Marvin Gaye, met much more critical acclaim than the movie itself ever did. For the 40th anniversary of its debut, director Cameron Crowe and saxophonist Trevor Lawrence spoke with Tell Me More guest host Celeste Headlee about the soundtrack they say plays like a symphony.

Lawrence, who performed the score, talks in the interview about the recording process and working with a legend. Crowe, who penned an essay for the liner notes of re-release album, discusses the importance and difficulty of a good score; it should be invisible, yet "get under your skin."

Though neither Crowe nor Lawrence is used to being in front of the camera, they had no trouble posing to show us a little love.