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Middle East Correspondent ProFile: 'My reporting goal is to find the human spirit.'

NPR Middle East Correspondent Deborah Amos.
Kainaz Amaria/NPR

My name... Deborah Amos
NPR employee since... Which time? 1977 to 1994 or 2003 to 2013.
Public radio listener since... a few weeks before I applied for a job in 1977.
My job at NPR is... Middle East correspondent. My reporting career has been to witness to tragedy, my reporting goal is to find the human spirit.

I can't live without... my Skype account so I can call home.

I use social media to... keep up with my story.

If I could share a coffee with anyone, it would be... Bashar Al Assad, President of Syria to figure out how he thinks.

The one word I always stumble over on air is... not words, but numbers. I am number dyslexic.

When I go into the studio, I always have... my heart in my throat.

I've learned the most about radio from... Kelly McEvers [NPR International Correspondent based in Beirut, Lebanon]

In my suitcase, you'll find... sea salt and Aleppo pepper, so I can always have a well-seasoned kebab.

My next gadget will be... a pedometer.

I make it a point to never miss... "Breaking Bad."



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