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India.Arie Hearts NPR

Amy Ta/NPR
India.Arie at NPR's Washington, D.C. headquarters.
Amy Ta/NPR

After a four-year hiatus, India.Arie is back with a new album, a new outlook for herself and new goals for her music.

The Grammy Award-winning soul singer stopped by our Washington, D.C. studios today for a live interview and performance on Talk of the Nation, talking with Host Neal Conan about her fifth studio album SongVersation.

As you can probably tell from its title, the record is meant to spark a dialogue and explore the tension between "the act" and "the artist." It follows her decision to step back from the industry for time to rediscover herself and her confidence.

"I've been trying to arrive at a person who is self defined and able to make my own mistakes rather than having other people make them for me," she told Conan.

It wasn't all talk in the studio either. She gives Talk of the Nation listeners a special, acoustic treat today as well, playing songs from the new album. Listen to the interview to hear "Break the Shell," "Just Do You" and the record's lead single, "Cocoa Butter."

And while this wasn't the first time India.Arie has been in for an interview, it was the first time she had a chance to join the NPR love club. And we're excited to report that she couldn't resist the chance to express her NPR affection.