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#NPRLatism: Join 'Tell Me More' In Exploring Latinos' Growing Digital Influence

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A recently published Nielson poll finds that Hispanic adults "are 25 percent more likely [than the general online population] to follow a brand."

Statistics aside, how are Latinos incorporating innovative technologies into their daily lives, and what digital strategies are marketers using to reach this increasingly powerful consumer-base?

On Monday, September 16 at 2:00 PM (ET), NPR Tell Me More host Michel Martin invites you to a Google+ On-Air Hangout she is guiding with a handful of influential Latino voices in digital media. They will explore how Latinos are increasingly turning to social media to discover information and amplify their voices to empower Hispanic-American communities.

How are Latinos using innovative technologies in everyday life? NPR Tell Me More host Michel Martin invites the audience to join Monday's conversation. #NPRLatism

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¿Cómo son los latinos utilizan tecnologías innovadoras en la vida cotidiana? NPR Productor Senior de Tell Me More Davar Ardalan invita a la audiencia a compartir sus pensamientos. #NPRLatism

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Joining Martin for Monday's Google+ On-Air Hangout are Plaza Familia CEO and #Latism founder Ana Roca Castro, Laura Martinez of 'mi blog es tu blog' and Being Latino founder Lance Rios – all of whom have built careers centered on finding, and energizing, the digital Latino community.

Help Martin and Tell Me More expand the dialogue for this hangout and follow-up discussions by sharing your thoughts: How are Latinos utilizing social media? Spanish vs. English? "Spanglish"? What is/will be the influence of Latinos in this space? What do you think Martin and our guests should discuss?

Tell us about your experiences @TellMeMoreNPR using #NPRLatism on Twitter, or email Visit NPR's Google+ page for hangout details and to join the chat on Monday.