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Berlin Sounds

Listen Up! NPR Berlin Wants To Hear The Sounds Of Berlin

The Maybachufer Market is open every Tuesday and Friday from 11.00 to 18.30. Monika Mueller-Kroll for NPR hide caption

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Monika Mueller-Kroll for NPR

There are many great perks to city life: diverse eating options, exciting music scene, cutting edge art, convenient, cultural experiences at your fingertips.

Then there are also the not so pleasant aspects of living in a city, like the smell of rotting garbage, crowds, and noise.

But since we’re partly in the business of turning noise into sound, the NPR Berlin staff thought it would be an intriguing idea to investigate some of the sounds that give Berlin character.

Of course we’re all familiar with the usual suspects, like the U-Bahn or garbage trucks, but there are so many other sounds that make up Berlin.

We started with the Maybachufer Market as well as the recent Carnival of Cultures, but we need help from you.

What are sounds that you associate with Berlin? Do hear anything interesting in your neighborhood, local park, or cafe? Or maybe there's a place where you notice the absence of sound?

Give us your ideas in the comments below.