NPR logo Music Tip Of The Month: Deutsches-Amerikanisches Volksfest


Music Tip Of The Month: Deutsches-Amerikanisches Volksfest

Monthly Music Tip: Deutsches-Amerikanisches Volksfest

We've had a lot of rain. It doesn't really feel like summer. But I have just the thing to coax you out of the house: the Deutsch-Amerikanisches Volksfest.

The website boasts over 300 hours of live music which includes every US genre you can imagine. The cover bands that perform are well worth the trip to Berlin-Mitte.

In typical outdoor festival form, there's plenty to do. The Volksfest has been celebrating and sharing American culture here in Berlin for the past 51 years.

This year, the American Village is 55,000 square feet. There's a fairground for kids, American food, and, of course, great music. While you're hanging out, you can enjoy jazz, rock, and country and everything in between.

The festival runs daily from 2pm to 11pm and ends this Sunday, August 14th.