Tell Me More host Michel Martin. Amy Ta/NPR hide caption

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Amazon celebrates 20 years of selling everything from A to Z...and 20 years of mining customer data. hide caption

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Twelve-year-old Hayley Lindsay spent almost a month working with her dad on this Toothless the Dragon costume. There are sawn-off crutches in the front legs so she can comfortably walk on all fours. Petra Mayer hide caption

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Nadine Gordimer passed away this week at age 90, after a lifetime of achievement in writing and anti-apartheid activism. Radu Sigheti/Reuters /Landov hide caption

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Clela Rorex (right) tells her friend Sue Larson that she doesn't regret her decision to grant the controversial marriage licenses. StoryCorps hide caption

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Hannah Marqusee taught these Nepali 8th- and 9th-graders to play Ultimate Frisbee. "Despite being terrible at throwing, they had a really good time," she reports. Their verdict: slightly more fun than soccer but not quite as fun as cricket. Bottom row, fourth from the right, is her host brother, Sachin. Courtesy of Hannah Marqusee hide caption

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Charles Dillon Stengel had been known as Dutch — derived from the German Deutsch. Only after the U.S. went to war was Casey Stengel born. AP hide caption

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Darlena Cunha says that she wrote her essay about her family's temporary poverty so her twin daughters would learn not to judge people on government assistance. Courtesy of Darlena Cunha hide caption

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American golfer Michelle Wie was a child prodigy. As an adult, she might just be the best female golfer in the world. Tim Hales/AP hide caption

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When NPR's Tamara Keith was 15 years old, she embarked on a letter-writing campaign that set her career in motion. Courtesy Keith Family hide caption

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"I work with hand tools every day but few feel as good, or as manly, as a well cared for ax," says Cory, via Instagram. Cory/Instagram hide caption

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The finalists for Miss Mundial Brasil 2014 visit the set of Univision's entertainment talk show El Gordo y la Flaca. The show often invites guests to take a dip in an on-set hot tub. This particular segment is titled "8 reasons to fire up the Jacuzzi." Screenshot/ hide caption

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Growing up, Dekalb Walcott III wanted to be just like his father, Dekalb Walcott Jr., a fire chief for the Chicago Fire Department. Dekalb Walcott Jr. retired in 2009, but not before the two had the opportunity to work alongside each other. StoryCorps hide caption

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