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Teaching Teachers In San Francisco, Calif.

Teacher Carrie Sanderson in her classroom at El Dorado Elementary school in Visitation Valley, San Francisco. Courtesy of SFTR hide caption

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Courtesy of SFTR

The San Francisco Teacher Residency recruits and prepares teachers who are able to improve equity and achievement — in math, science and bilingual Spanish — for historically under-served students in that city's highest-needs schools.

A cooperative effort among the University of San Francisco, Stanford University, the Teachers Union and the San Francisco Unified School District, the program strives to graduate educators with sufficient skills, classroom training and mentoring to make teaching their long-term careers.

"Becoming a teacher in San Francisco is incredibly challenging," says program graduate Alex Larrimore. "I cannot imagine getting where I am without the help of the Residency program."

Midhun M. Joseph is program associate at the San Francisco Teacher Residency. He listens to KQED.