"By me putting all this information out there, what I'm basically telling you is I'm telling you everything." — Hasan Elahi James Duncan Davidson/TED hide caption

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A hotdog and ice cream cone from Beth Galton and Charlotte Omnes' "Cut Food" series. Courtesy of Beth Galton hide caption

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Butterfly breeder Carl Anderson with monarch butterflies on his face, 1954 John Dominis/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Image hide caption

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Photographer Chris Arnade found a chair in the middle of the road at 2 a.m., and sat in it for this self portrait. Chris Arnade/Flickr hide caption

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Camilo José Vergara's new book is titled Harlem: The Unmaking of a Ghetto. Camilo José Vergara hide caption

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Untitled (Kate #18) by Chuck Close. Chuck Close/Courtesy of Pace/MacGill Gallery, New York hide caption

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Original caption via Instagram: #pscommute 5:15 PM on the C Train. 34th Street, Penn Station back home to Fort Greene, Brooklyn. Giving the gift of reading. A magical moment between mother and son. It may seem like just another subway ride, but with a book and an imagination, the adventures are limitless. Jabali Sawicki/@jsawicki1/Instagram hide caption

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