How to make dead fish look attractive? That's the challenge New York-based duo Shimon and Tammar Rothstein faced when they were hired to do the photography for famed French chef Eric Ripert's book On the Line. Photos by Shimon and Tammar, Courtesy of Shimon and Tammar hide caption

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Sculptor and writer Barbara Chase-Riboud is troubled by race-based groupings. She currently has an exhibition of work inspired by Malcolm X at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Courtesy of the Philadelphia Museum of Art hide caption

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California-based magazine FSHN ran an Iran photo shoot in its 2013 couture issue. FSHN Magazine hide caption

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A lady with two slaves, in Bahia, Brazil, 1860. Moreira Salles Institute Archive hide caption

itoggle caption Moreira Salles Institute Archive

The iconic Princess Cottage (left), built in 1855, photographed in November 2012 in Union Beach, N.J., and the spot where the Princess Cottage used to be, seen again in 2013. Mario Tama/Andrew Burton/Getty Images hide caption

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Miguel Piñero of the Nuyorican literary movement and poet Sandra Maria Esteves on the train in New York City in 1977. Bolivar Arellano hide caption

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Photographer Jaime Moore re-created portraits of famous women from history starring her daughter, Emma. Here, Emma poses as Amelia Earhart. Jaime Moore/Jaime Moore Photography hide caption

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