An amateur video from February showed photographer Paul Conroy of the Sunday Times, laying wounded, in a makeshift clinic in Homs, Syria. Anonymous/AP hide caption

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Annabel Clark, right, with her cancer-stricken mother Lynn Redgrave in March 2003. In her book, Clark writes, "After shaving my mother's head and feeling that our roles had been reversed, I realized that my project was not just a documentation of my mother's illness, but of how we were navigating it together. It seemed important to insert myself into the narrative." Annabel Clark hide caption

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Specialist Tad Donoho screams with pain after being administered a "pink belly" for his birthday: Each member of the platoon struck his stomach until it bruised. July 2008. Tim Hetherington hide caption

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LemonsPlace of production: Limassol, CyprusTransporting distance: 2.050 km Carbon footprint (total) per kg: 0,72 kg Water requirement (total) per kg: 448 l Klaus Pichler hide caption

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