Ricardo Galvez, Giovanna Meneses Pisco and Arely Betzabe pose for a photograph in front of their former home El Ayllu. The family was back in the neighborhood to gather some of their belongings, and Giovanna spent the hours teary-eyed. As soon as families moved out, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, with the help of paid community members, began to demolish the buildings. Courtesy of Elie Gardner hide caption

itoggle caption Courtesy of Elie Gardner

The elaborately tiled City Hall subway station in New York City — still extant but now closed to the public, alas — used the Guastavino touch to convince wary city dwellers to head underground for a train trip. Michael Freeman/National Buildling Museum hide caption

itoggle caption Michael Freeman/National Buildling Museum

Spc. Tad Donoho screams with pain in 2008 after being administered a "pink belly" for his birthday in Korengal Valley, Kunar province, Afghanistan. Each member of the platoon strikes his stomach until it begins to bruise, hence the name pink belly. From the book Infidel. Tim Hetherington/Magnum Photos hide caption

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Three Seminole men accompany an ox-drawn cart through the Everglades of south Florida. Julian Dimock Collection/American Museum of Natural History hide caption

itoggle caption Julian Dimock Collection/American Museum of Natural History

Gun 1, New York, 1955 William Klein/'William Klein ABC'/Abrams hide caption

itoggle caption William Klein/'William Klein ABC'/Abrams

A photograph taken from behind a burqa, Kabul, 2007. Farzana Wahidy/AP hide caption

itoggle caption Farzana Wahidy/AP

Mary, New York, 2012 Courtesy of Ari Seth Cohen hide caption

itoggle caption Courtesy of Ari Seth Cohen