A young girl talking to Santa Claus on the telephone, 1947. Martha Holmes/Time and Life Pictures/Getty Images hide caption

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The haunting image of David Kirby's death, taken by journalism student Therese Frare in 1990, became an iconic image of the HIV/AIDS epidemic that, by then, had seen as many as 12 million people infected. Therese Frare/Life hide caption

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Rare color photos taken by Life photographer Frank Scherschel show quiet scenes in the days before and after D-Day in 1944; Scherschel did not record caption information for each individual image, but together they tell an unusually vivid story of a typically black-and-white era. Frank Scherschel/LIFE hide caption

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"It was a bit like watching a filmstrip," the photographer is quoted as saying by 'LIFE,' "with scenes popping up and disappearing. I saw some very strange things, of course -- but mostly large numbers of people in the countryside, red flags flying nearby with messages printed on them exhorting them to work." Gary Knight/VII/Courtesy of LIFE hide caption

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