NPR logo Frequently Asked Questions About 'The Picture Show'

Frequently Asked Questions About 'The Picture Show'

What is 'The Picture Show' blog?
It's a daily take on what National Public Radio looks like — through photographs and video. It is the NPR story-telling sound, visually translated.

Who will be posting here?
Keith Jenkins, NPR's supervising senior producer for multimedia, and his team of visual journalists: Coburn Dukehart, John Poole, David Gilkey, Heather Murphy and a rotating cast of interns.

What do photography and video have to do with radio?
It is often said that radio paints pictures with words and sound; we are simply returning the favor.

How is National Public Radio going to be able to show you pictures?
Through this blog and the Radio Pictures podcast, yes. Through your HD radio, no.

Seriously, what can I expect to find here?
Great visual journalism from NPR's photographers, video journalists, producers and reporters. Also, selected photographs, videos and stories from some of the best camera-wielding journalists in the world.

Can I comment on what I see here?
Yes, but keep it on point and all about the visuals. Confused? Please follow the comment guidelines.

Can I contact you?
Yes, by e-mail address or through the The Picture Show contact form.