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In the enormous expanse that is America, it's easy to forget what goes on outside of the big cities. But, oddly enough, that's where most of America resides. Even if we're not tied to the land, many of us have relatives or ancestors who were. That's why photographer Paul Mobley set out on his rural adventure: to put faces to the men and women who help nourish this country.

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Mobley traveled over 100,000 miles to capture these portraits, and editor Katrina Fried collected the corresponding first-person narratives from the farmers. The result is the first series of modern American farmers ever published, with 200 images supplemented by Fried's oral history.

From cattle ranchers in Montana to orange growers in Florida, American Farmer: The Heart of Our Country catalogs the current landscape of American farming. These individuals exude such simple reverence for both the land and an endangered lifestyle; in turn, Mobley shows real reverence for his subjects. "Visit after visit, Mobley came to know the independent farmer's spirit from both behind the lens and across the dinner table." Take a look at the men and women he encountered, at faces of the people we often take for granted.

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Images from American Farmer: The Heart of Our Country (c) 2008 by Paul Mobley and Katrina Fried. Published by Welcome Books.