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Good Old-Fashioned Girl Power

In just the past few decades, women have taken strides not only in the medium of photography, but also in the world of art. But "women artists still struggle to be on the same level as male artists," writes Jane Tam, a 22-year-old photographer in New York. Women outnumber men in MFA programs throughout the country, yet women are less represented in galleries. "Where are they in the current art world?" Tam asks.

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Tam is a member of Nymphoto, a women's photography organization based in New York City. Through online exhibitions, group shows and collective publications, it has established a support group and a photographic community. In their words, they hope to "mobilize the art world through good old-fashioned girl power."

Next week, it will launch its first book, a collection of interviews and photographs with various female photographers, including Emily Shur and Michal Chelbin. The book release corresponds with a group exhibition at Sasha Wolf Gallery on May 6. To learn more, check out Nymphoto's Web site.