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Scanwiches And 'Wichcraft

If you're not already hungry for lunch, you're about to be. We came across this great food article in The Washington Post about the art of sandwich-making — or 'wichcraft, a surefire way to your Top Chef-loving heart.

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The article introduces Jon Chonko, a New York graphic designer who has been scouring the local deli scene. He has a scanwich blog for his findings, replete with delectable cross sections to satisfy your every sandwich desire. (Although this blog claims to be the first to have done so, "established 2007 years before the other scanned sandwich blog," it says.)

The images bear a slightly uncomfortable resemblance to those in a high school anatomy book. But with the mesmerizing floating-in-space effect, they also resemble the sandwiches of dreams, and they will keep you browsing for longer than you'd like to admit. Yum!