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Thanks, Mom

As we all know, Mother's Day is this Sunday. And the best way to celebrate our mothers, we decided, is to dig up all those ridiculous things they made us wear as kids. We gathered photos from NPR employees — including on-air personalities Bob Boilen and Liane Hansen, and an array of good-humored Web staff.

The evidence points to one empirical fact: Moms are almost unanimously convinced that matching outfits, hand-me-downs, big glasses and bad haircuts are a great idea. And we're convinced that, beneath their loving exteriors, moms just love embarrassing us. Here are a few of our, well, not-so-proud moments.

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OK, so we've sufficiently embarrassed ourselves (as if it weren't bad enough the first time). Now we want to see you! Upload your photos and mom stories to our Flickr pool and tag it "lookingood"! And remember to thank your mom for making you look so good. Happy Mother's Day!

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By Claire O'Neill

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