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A Look At The Culture That Moves Us

The idea of a Great American Road Trip may be more mythic than realistic nowadays. But one culture is still living that myth: America's truckers — the men and women who drive 40 tons and 18 wheels across thousands of miles of American landscape every day. That trucking culture is the focus of Kim Reierson's book, Eighteen: A Look At The Culture That Moves Us.

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Born in California and raised in Bolivia, Reierson is the daughter of a truck driver. Over the course of five years, she has woken up in 20 different states while accompanying truckers in transit. Initially drawn to truck stops, she was intrigued by the stories of these men and women, and her book tells the unsung story of their daily lives. One section consists of portraits taken largely in their sleeping quarters — a view rarely seen by most Americans. She also offers landscapes, truck exteriors and stylish cabs replete with tiger print and wood paneling.

It's a reminder of the long journey that our food and clothing (and pretty much everything else) must make before arriving in our hands — and an introduction to the people who make it happen.

To view more of Reierson's photos, and to learn more about the book, check out her Web site.

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