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Kodachrome: R.I.P.

First Polaroid, now Kodachrome. Kodak announced Monday that it will be ending production of its most senior color slide film. It amounts to less than 1 percent of sales of still-pictures films, Kodak argues. But it accounts for a large percentage of family archives, of National Geographic magazines, of photographic collections. Listen to the NPR story here.

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Oddly enough, National Geographic had been planning a Kodachrome exhibit to open this week. It was meant to be a celebration of the impending 75th anniversary of the film that changed the course of photography. Instead, it will be something of a funeral. With the advent of digital technologies, expensive processes like analog color film photography are falling by the wayside.

Kodak has also put together a slideshow of memorable photographs taken by Eric Meola, Steve McCurry and Peter Guttman. View it on their Web site.