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Absence Of Water: Abandoned Pools

At least in Washington, D.C., today feels like the swampiest, most oppressively hot day of the year. And in the impossible attempt to beat the heat, this collection of photos somehow seems appropriate: Gigi Cifali, London-based photographer, has a series depicting abandoned swimming pools that practically scoff at the idea of cooling off.

These photos are part of an ongoing series called "Absence of Water." Cifali, originally trained as a topographer in Naples, is interested in creating a historical archive of derelict public pools in the United Kingdom. These pools, first built in the late Victorian period, reached the height of popularity in the 1930s. But an increasing number have recently fallen into decay — either because of diminishing civic funds or general lack of interest.

These ghostly vestiges show what happens to the things we build then abandon. Times change, and apparently so do our tastes. To view more, check out Cifali's Web site.

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