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Big, BIG Butterfly Book

Harold Feinstein's career took off in 1950, when photography legend Edward Steichen purchased his work for the Museum of Modern Art's permanent collection. Since then, Feinstein has compiled books of 100 flowers and 100 seashells — and now he has become something of a lepidopterist.

You guessed it: Feinstein's latest pursuit is butterflies. His new book, One Hundred Butterflies, is a simple concept that shows off the variegated wingspans. Magnified and removed from their natural environments, they appear as flying, flapping works of art — although they are actually in the same taxonomic class as ants and wasps. In any case, it's pretty cool to see butterflies the size of your face. Visit Feinstein's Web site to see more of his work, especially the section dedicated to Coney Island. Look out for the book this November.

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