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Polaroids may be retired, but Denver-based photographer Matt Slaby hasn't stopped using them. Contrarily, he takes them all the time. The instant, lo-res quality of his personal work provides a contrast to his professional, digital assignments. And, because he takes them all over the country while covering various stories, the images together present a unique vision of America: black and white, blurred, seemingly vintage but contemporary.

An Abe Lincoln impostor next to a Barack Obama painting creates a strange sense of suspended time. Flags, guns, neighbors grilling, political conventions, front-yard portraits: Slaby captures the candid moments that typify life in America.

He calls his Polaroid series "Along The Way," but he says it's a working title — which is appropriate, because the series itself is a work in progress. It's always growing and always changing, but it still provides a thread of consistency through all of his work.

View more of Slaby's Polaroids, as well as the rest of his work, on his Web site. Be sure to check out his series "My Diving Bell:" road trip photos taken through a small car window.

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