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Portraits Of A Blended Nation

This weekend, Liane Hansen, host of Weekend Edition Sunday, will interview the authors of a new book: Blended Nation: Portraits and Interviews of Mixed-Race America. It's part of a new series called "Beyond Black and White," which will highlight the nation's changing demographics and changing attitudes about racial identity.

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The husband-and-wife team of photographer Mike Tauber and co-producer Pamela Singh were intrigued by the post-Sept. 11 climate of anxiety and racism. Years later, the election of a bi-racial president would bring the topic of racial identity to the forefront of national conversation. Tune into the series to learn more. On Sunday's show, Hansen will also speak with Cheryl Quintana Leader, one of the subjects in the book, who is part Caucasian, Mexican, and Aztec Indian. See more photos on Mike Tauber's Web site.

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