NPR logo Haiti Photo Update: Searching, Waiting And Praying

Haiti Photo Update: Searching, Waiting And Praying

Is looting the proper term, when all the stores are in shambles and there's nothing else to eat? It's a tricky ethical question, that we won't attempt to answer here. But NPR photographer David Gilkey's latest photos from Haiti hit on all sides of the matter.

Gilkey had some other disturbing finds today; a fire at one of the few standing restaurants in Port-au-Prince, a violent death in the streets. Meanwhile, a bedridden man sheds tears of fear, worried and confused, now that his loved ones have disappeared. (All this in the gallery below.)

Sadly, there are many rescue workers yearning to help who simply cannot reach those in need. NPR photographer John Poole spent the last five days with one such group. Getting to the field has been one obstacle after another.

After finally catching a flight to Port-au-Prince following three days stuck on the island of Provinciales, the Georgia 3 Disaster Medical Assistance Team is now stuck — yet again — at the U.S. Embassy. Without proper security, they can't go into the field. Last we heard from Poole, they were camped out on embassy grounds, anxiously waiting the OK to start helping those in need.

Hopefully, tomorrow will bring better news for the people of Haiti. Check the Picture Show for new NPR photos throughout the day.