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A 'Will You Be My Valentine?' From Hell

No roses, no candy, no kisses. For those of you who like your Valentine Days upside down, here is the ultimate UN-valentine: a beautiful seductress who isn't what she seems. In fact, she isn't a she. She's a trick.

In this "Wild Orchids In Israel" video, created by Doron Hirschberg, you will meet a long-horned bee who is innocently, hopefully, incessantly looking for a lady bee.

And lo and behold, he finds her! She looks right. She smells right, wafting a seductive perfume identical to that secreted by female bees. She feels right, all furry. But she's not right.

She's not a bee. She's an orchid, a flower that perfectly mimics a lady bee so closely that you can almost hear the bee wondering why, as he presses his affections harder and harder against the furry surface, why he can't get no (to quote Mick Jagger)... you know what.

Happy Valentine's Day, not.

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