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A Picture Of Haiti One Month After The Quake

It's hard to believe it has already been one month since the earthquake struck Haiti. In some ways, a month can seem like a long time. But when you're rebuilding a country from the ground up, a month is a mere blip. After a short respite back in the United States, NPR staff photographer David Gilkey has returned to Port-au-Prince, and sends this dispatch.

Hundreds of thousands gathered in remembrance Friday at the collapsed National Palace in Port-au-Prince. The rally consisted of singing, praying and a moment of silence to mark the hour when the quake occurred.

Despite the continual stream of relief pouring into Haiti, the situation doesn't appear much better, Gilkey reported on the phone. Although the general climate has calmed, the infrastructure to implement the necessary relief simply doesn't exist. There seems to be a sufficient supply of medical care; however, food, water and shelter are still in demand.

And it's on the brink of getting worse. Rain season, which begins in March, will cause severe logistical problems — and even more displacement. The photos in this gallery show just the beginning; the season's first rain has already forced people to relocate. Stay tuned for continual coverage from Haiti as the relief effort continues.

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