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Photos That Fall Apart At The Seams

At a glance, Kate Stone's photographs might look like normal landscapes and living rooms. But wait, that house is kind of warped ... and that buffalo is standing on a hardwood floor? Stone begins by photographing a scene. She then prints the images, reassembles them in a 3-D sculpture, and photographs them again. The result: these unusual montages.

In Stone's words:

Our acceptance of photography as reality makes the images hard to understand, especially for those who know the original place. At first glance the rooms and buildings in these photographs appear real. Upon closer examination, however, something is clearly wrong. Doorways are misplaced and once rigid walls are twisted and torn. Distorted perspective creates incongruous angles and improbable shadows. These spaces are literally falling apart at the seams.

Her work will be featured in an upcoming show at Eleni Koroneou Gallery in Greece. You can see more of her work on her Web site.

Thanks to Alexander Mayer, intern at NPR West, for introducing me to Stone's work!

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