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Vintage-Inspired Glamour Shots

Here's a funny photo series. Photographer Robbie Augspurger bought an old-school light kit and decided to take some vintage-inspired portraits.

In an e-mail, Augspurger had this to say about the series:

I started the "Glamour & Headshots" photo series last year shortly after purchasing a light kit that was once used for school portraiture. I was told I probably couldn't take any "cool" portraits with it, because of the limitations of the power pack. This made me curious about what I actually could do with it. So, I had one of my roommates come into my studio and sit for me, and it was hilarious. We had so much fun! ... I started making up characters and back stories, and told my friends they were these people. ...

To get an idea of these stage directions, Augspurger wrote the captions for this gallery. You can view the rest of the series on his blog or Flickr.

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