Good Morning, Breakfast Photos! : The Picture Show A photo series in a German magazine showcases breakfasts from around the world.
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Good Morning, Breakfast Photos!

You know you have a problem when more than one friend shows you the same obscure link. If there's one thing I love as much as photography, it's breakfast — and people know it. I received this link from two people in one day: photographs of breakfast! The best of both worlds!

The series was recently made by photographer Oliver Schwarzwald for the German magazine Feld Hommes, in an issue themed "awake." The idea was to showcase the ways in which various countries break fast, from Russia to the United States. I don't know how he managed to get a cup of orange juice without a cup, but he says that was an important stylistic choice. A cup is a cup no matter what country you're in; the food should speak for itself. I have to admit: The French croissant and cafe au lait are speaking to me right now.

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