Portraits Of Poland In Mourning : The Picture Show Grzegorz Gospodarek, picture editor for a daily newspaper in Poland, created these vignettes of Polish citizens mourning the death of their president.
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Portraits Of Poland In Mourning

Grzegorz Gospodarek is a picture editor for Gazeta Wyborcza, one of Poland's largest daily newspapers. When he heard about the plane crash that killed Poland's President Lech Kaczynski and dozens of other dignitaries, he headed to the streets of Warsaw to make portraits of Polish citizens in their grief.

"I got the idea when I learned that the government announced there would be a minute of silence," said Gospodarek. "When you watch TV there is a lot of talking. I wanted to show people just looking, not saying anything, but instead, frozen - like in still images.

His collection of video portraits was shot using the Canon 5D Mark II camera on the day of the crash, and on Sunday, when the president's body arrived in Warsaw. The project was edited in Final Cut Pro in under an hour, because Gospodarek had to get back to work for newspaper.

I asked Gospodarek what he hoped people around the world would learn by watching the video. "Yesterday the streets of Warsaw were filled with mourners: young, old, families, everybody was united in grief," he said. "This seems to me amazing — that a nation can be so united in the face of such tragedy."

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