NPR logo A Photographer, A Holga And Roller Coasters

A Photographer, A Holga And Roller Coasters

Photographer Isa Leshko is a fine art photographer with a new Holga series on display through May 9 at the Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester, Mass.

In an email she described the series, "Thrills and Chills:"

I use my camera to examine my fears, which is why I began photographing amusement park rides. ... I am fascinated by what compels people to surrender themselves to these giant beasts. The rides challenge the limitations of being human. We can’t fly; yet these vertigo-inducing machines allow us to soar through the open air. The experience combines elation with fear; thrills with chills. My images depict the range of emotions that people exhibit in pursuit of the amusement these rides are supposed to provide.

Learn more on the photographer's website.

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