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Found Photos And Folk Music

You know those old photos you see in PBS documentaries? It's someone's job to find them — someone like Rich Remsberg, an Emmy Award-winning archival image researcher who has worked not only on shows like American Experience, but also on sundry side projects, like collaborations with the electronic band The Books. His latest project is a book of photos culled from the Library of Congress, where he recently gave a lecture.

Some background information: In the 1930s, the government hired some of the country's best photographers to document daily life in Depression-era America. And a big part of life was music. Hard Luck Blues: Roots Music Photographs From the Great Depression, contains photos of 1930s music in America — images of the last generation to learn music before the advent of recording technology. Remsberg stopped by NPR to discuss it; hear his thoughts, to the tune of "The Kicking Mule," a Depression-era folk song from the Library of Congress.