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Pressed For Time? One Minute Portraits!

Oh no! You are super busy because it's the 21st century and it's impossible to sit still for more than a minute but you desperately need a quick and dirty portrait of yourself for some undisclosed reason! No fear — One Minute Portraits are here. It's the latest shtick from Australia-based illustrator Benjamin Hammond. Submit your photo through his website and have a custom-made portrait in minutes. Or in one minute, the name would indicate.

Vermeer would shudder.

"I started the site because I quite love to illustrate," Hammond wrote in an e-mail, "but other than the odd doodle here and there and a couple of projects that occasionally cropped up, I was lacking a solid consistent reason to draw." Now, thanks to a post by Cool Hunting, he has more than 500 portraits to complete. That's more than 8 non-stop hours of drawing.

Hammond has closed the submission feature for now — but he did take a minute to do a portrait of me because I had, like, a hundred things to do and I needed a portrait FAST. (See slide 1.)