Photo Students Raise Money With A Cookbook : The Picture Show Renowned photographers have submitted their favorite recipes for an unusual student fundraiser.
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Photo Students Raise Money With A Cookbook

Being a photographer isn't easy. Or cheap. For students in the United Kingdom, one way to get by is to request donations from established photographers — such as signed prints for auctions and fundraisers. But as professor Sian Bonnell says, "This can be quite tedious if you are a photographer ... especially when often it gets sold for less than it cost you to print it."

This year, Bonnell, a professor at England's University College Falmouth, decided to do something different. Instead of prints, he encouraged his students to request the unexpected: favorite recipes. Turns out photographers are just as excited to talk about food as they are photos. As Bonnell wrote in an e-mail, "all the photographers we contacted were queuing up to be involved!"

Say Cheese is a limited-edition collection of favorite recipes from contemporary photographers. Martin Parr, the renowned British artist, submitted England's unofficial national dish of beans on toast (someone had to); American Alec Soth has honored the American classic of mac and cheese. The recipes are photographically illustrated by the art students, and rendered vintage with Poladroid.

Bonnell calls it the "ideal gift" for photography and food lovers alike. Leave your favorite recipe in the comments section, and share a photo in our Flickr pool.