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Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans

The sign outside of the Six Flags in New Orleans still reads, "CL SED FOR STORM." Five years after Katrina, there's very little hope of it ever reopening. The story of this park since its closure in 2005 has been one of brackish water, insurance claims and broken guarantees. Bat Man: The Ride has since moved to Texas, the Mega Zeph has been damaged beyond repair, the buildings — on the whole — have been declared demolished.

"This is probably the riskiest location we've been," writes photographer Taylar Chalmers, a self-proclaimed urban explorer. Her Flickr set shows the abandoned park from the inside. "It was an unusual feeling being in an entire rotting amusement park (almost) completely alone."

"I've always been very interested in the history and decay of old things. I think that abandonment can be beautiful when presented the right way," she writes in an e-mail. Six Flags New Orleans is located in the city's Ninth Ward, which was the hardest hit area. More defunct amusement parks.