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'Weaving' Carpets With Pasta, Pine Cones And Plastic Forks

A Dutch creative team called We Make Carpets makes ... well, carpets. But these aren't carpets you would ever want to walk on. Designers Stijn van der Vleuten and Marcia Nolte and visual artist Bob Waardenburg make temporary rugs of pasta, plastic forks, pine cones, bricks, mustard seeds and a whole slew of un-carpet-like material.

The artists have no background in textiles or weaving; they are exploring design motifs of traditional carpets, but their unusual materials dictate the design. With no blueprint or pattern, they allow the carpets to develop organically as they go.

"The main challenge is not to touch them after they lie in place," writes Bob Waardenburg in an e-mail. The carpets are temporary constructions made to be photographed — or to sit in exhibitions — and are never glued in place. "The tiniest hit can produce a chain reaction and move all the other pieces." Imagine trying to control mustard seeds without adhesive!

Although the carpets aren't real, the crowd at a recent exhibition trampled over and destroyed one of them. Waardenburg considers it a compliment: "It probably looked so real that they just walked over it."

What do you think? Would you put one of these in your living room?