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Magic Or Mania? Christmas In America

Though photographer Jesse Rieser grew up celebrating Christmas, his view seems pretty clinical these days. "Are you the grinch?!" I had to ask. To which he affirmed, "I am the grinch, ha."

But really, when probed a bit further, Rieser says he just enjoys observing the distinctly American breed of Christmas. "I want people to view the series not from a judgmental angle," he explains, "but rather a celebration of people that are lucky to love something as much as they love Christmas."

The American Christmas, he writes on his site, "is complex and at times, uncomfortable. It's awkward and sometimes bleak. But it is also sincere and celebratory, colorful and creative."

He shot Christmas in America last holiday season around Arizona, and says he is currently shooting this year's edition, which will showcase a different region.

No doubt there's a magic and mania to this time of year. What do you think? Have the holidays gotten away from us? Or do you revel in decking the halls ... and the bushes and the roof and the lawn ...

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