NPR logo Leaping On Leap Day With Vintage Photos

Leaping On Leap Day With Vintage Photos

What is there to say, really? Thanks to some bad Gregorian math or something, we get a whole extra day every four years. Leap day is special, so let's celebrate with some relevant photos — all found in Flickr Commons. Share your leap scenes with us on Flickr!

MORE on leap day:

What if you were born today? (Like Ron Paul's wife.) You have fewer birthdays than most — which is great. In your 64th year of life, you can celebrate your 16th birthday.

If you're in France, you get the privilege of reading a quadrennial newspaper.

Also in Europe, women can propose marriage with a steak on Leap Day. What more could you want?

Don't know what to do with the excess time? Here's some help.