NPR logo London 1908: The Most Dapper Olympics

London 1908: The Most Dapper Olympics

Imagine a time when women wore dresses for the high jump, and tug of war was an Olympic event. Welcome to 1908. It was the first year London would host the Olympics, and the third games in which women were allowed to compete.

More fun facts: Two years prior, pistol dueling had been an event (though the shooters used mannequins as targets). And one of the British fencers — pictured here with a pistol — would go on to survive the sinking of the Titanic four years later. (The New York Times has more obsolete Olympic events.)

One of the biggest upsets in the 1908 games was when Italian marathoner Dorando Pietri was disqualified for having been helped across the finish line. The gold medal then went to American runner Johnny Hayes.

I personally think they should bring back the tug of war. And maybe red rover. Who's with me?