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Odd Hobby: Little People Pictures (What's Your Pet Project?)

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When Jean-Joseph Renucci's daughter was little, he would tell her stories about "les petits bonhommes verts" (little green men) who lived in the ceiling. They were responsible when a pen or a toy went missing, Renucci writes in an email. And, he says, "I admit I loved to imagine they were here for real."

Several years later, after seeing the work of Slinkachu — who has become somewhat Internet-famous for his little-people street scenes — Renucci decided to construct his own Lilliputian landscapes.

The biography on his website is no help whatsoever in learning more about him. But, he tells me, he has a day job — in communications and freelance design in Ajaccio, Corsica. Projects like this one, he says, are just for kicks: "This is an important part of this type of work: FUN."

So here's to side projects! What's yours?

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