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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 'Political Junkie' blog?

The Political Junkie column that you knew and loved each week on the NPR Web site is now a daily blog. The same features, insightful analysis and sophisticated jokes will remain.

It is written by NPR Political Editor Ken Rudin, a self-described political junkie who can remember the results of every congressional election since 1066 but somehow forgets to send his mother a birthday card each year. It is written for those political junkies out there who eat, breathe and sleep politics and campaigns and their history, lore and trivia.

It will include postings and tidbits from NPR reporters and correspondents around the country.

It will also include questions from readers around the world, as was the case with the weekly column.

How can I send you questions for the blog?

Same as before: Send an e-mail to or submit your question through the Political Junkie contact form.

Can I send you private, not-for-publication e-mails?

Yes, to the same e-mail address or through the same contact form.

How can I contribute to the conversation on your blog?

There is a comment form at the bottom of each blog entry. Registered members of the NPR community can publicly comment on and discuss all posts. I'm hoping to have a civil conversation here. But I also understand that politics do generate some heated opinions. So, please read NPR's guidelines for commenting and Community FAQ.

Is there a way you can add me to your mailing list?

Absolutely. I had been sending out an e-mail notice each week when the new column was up on the NPR site. I don't think people are in the mood for a daily reminder. So, I will send out a weekly note summing up the hot topics discussed on the blog. Please send me your e-mail address if you want to receive my weekly update. Of course, you can take your name off the list whenever you like. In addition, you may subscribe to an RSS feed, something that I have no understanding about whatsoever.

Will a daily Political Junkie mean that the weekly PJ segment on NPR's Talk Of The Nation will end?

No, they continue each Wednesday, despite popular demand.

What about the weekly It's All Politics podcast?

That continues as well. The listener will be thrilled.

Can I link to your blog?

I would be honored.

Will you still be shamelessly asking for campaign buttons from your readers?

Yes. That goes without saying.

Who's going to be the Republican nominee for president in 2012?

Ask me in 2012.