NPR logo Guest Blogger: John Podesta Cools His Heels At The WH

Guest Blogger: John Podesta Cools His Heels At The WH

From Julie Rovner, NPR health policy correspondent:

You can tell the new White House isn't quite running on all cylinders yet.

About an hour before the White House Health Care Summit on Thursday, it seems someone forgot to give former White House chief of staff (and Obama transition chief) John Podesta's name to the guards at the gate. I breezed by and greeted him, noting that he was set to appear on that afternoon's All Things Considered. "If I ever get in," he grumbled.

It was clear the guard at the gate knew exactly who he was keeping standing by, and wasn't very happy about it. "Have we cleared in John Podesta yet?" he hissed into his phone while i was waiting to be buzzed in. Once inside the press room, I mentioned to a couple of fellow journalists that Podesta was having trouble getting in. "You mean he's still there?" said one. "He was there when I came in, like 15 minutes ago."

Podesta was finally seen entering the East Room opening event of the summit — a few minutes late.