NPR logo Today On TOTN: Interrogation Tactics & The Ghost Of Cheney

Today On TOTN: Interrogation Tactics & The Ghost Of Cheney

If it's Wednesday, it's time for the Political Junkie segment on Talk of the Nation.

The focus in Washington is on the interrogation policies of the Bush administration and whether officials behind that policy should be subject to prosecution. We've gotten mixed messages from the Obama administration on that one.

Plus: Dick Cheney rallies the opposition to President Obama (and to the delight of the DNC), Jane Harman under the microscope, Kathleen Sebelius gets closer to the Cabinet, Norm Coleman files his appeal, and Rod Blagojevich won't be allowed to be dropped into the jungle of Costa Rica — as much as we'd like him to be.

Join host Neal Conan and me every Wednesday at 2 p.m. ET for the Junkie segment on TOTN, where you can often, but not always, find interesting conversation, useless trivia questions and sparkling jokes. And you can win a Political Junkie T-shirt!

By the way, TOTN's David Gura has put together a photo gallery of previous T-shirt winners that will constantly be updated ... though not if Tom Wieder of Ann Arbor, Mich., keeps winning. He was the first correct answer two weeks in a row! (We've got to get caller ID.)

Last week's segment can be heard here.

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