NPR logo Today On TOTN: Souter, Sessions, Specter & Swish!

Today On TOTN: Souter, Sessions, Specter & Swish!

While the retirement of David Souter gives President Obama his first opportunity to shape the Supreme Court, it also gives Republicans an opportunity to decide how they intend to respond and whether their diminished numbers in the Senate can still make them effective.

There's also speculation that Arlen Specter could prove to be as much of a headache to his now-fellow Democrats than he was to his former Republican colleagues.

And there's a new mayor in Detroit.

All this in today's Political Junkie segment on NPR's Talk of the Nation.

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Last week's segment, with special guests Anna Greenberg, the Democratic pollster, and Frank Donatelli, the head of GOPAC, can be heard here.

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