NPR logo Remember The Maine? State May Move To Unicameral Legislature

Remember The Maine? State May Move To Unicameral Legislature

The Maine House of Representatives is backing a plan that would establish a unicameral (one house) legislature — combining members of the state House (current number: 151) and the state Senate (35) into one body of 151 members.

Of all the states, only Nebraska has that system, which it adopted in 1937.

The Maine Public Broadcasting Network reports that it's not a done deal: "The measure requires more votes in both the House and Senate. Today's vote in the House fell short of the two-thirds majority that would be needed for final passage."

And why would Maine do this? "Supporters say the constitutional change would save the state millions of dollars during a typical, two-year legislative session, and improve the Legislature's efficiency. But opponents say a unicameral Legislature lacks checks and balances."

Check out the Maine Unicameral Legislature blog, especially — as the blogger, Rep. Linda Valentino, states — "if you are ready for a REAL CHANGE, and ready to achieve a TRANSPARENT, EFFICIENT, and ACCOUNTABLE State legislature."