NPR logo Hotline Lists Other Potential Pro-Sotomayor Republicans

Hotline Lists Other Potential Pro-Sotomayor Republicans

The announcement yesterday by Sen. Lamar Alexander of Tennessee that he intends to vote to confirm Sonia Sotomayor for the Supreme Court makes him the sixth Republican to do so — joining Snowe & Collins (Maine), Martinez (Florida), Lugar (Indiana) and Graham (South Carolina).

Hotline On Call lists other Republicans who in their estimation are "most likely to flip," in this order: Judd Gregg (NH), John McCain (AZ), Kit Bond (MO), George Voinovich (OH) and John Ensign (NV).

I would think all are possible except for Ensign. (HOC acknowledges the Nevada Republican is a "long shot.") Gregg, Bond and Voinovich are retiring next year.

They also say that Democrats Ben Nelson (NE) and Mark Begich (AK) "could buck the party to keep the faith with their conservative home states" by voting no. I say no way. Every Democrat will vote for Sotomayor, a vote that could come on Thursday.