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Longest Time Between Senate Election & Swearing In


They may be pleased it's over in Minnesota, but that doesn't end questions about the prolongued Senate contest. Here's a question from Jess Davis of St. Simons Island, Ga.:

Do you know if Al Franken's case was the longest time between a Senate election and confirmation?

Well, it was the longest since 1975, when the New Hampshire Senate race to replace retiring Republican Sen. Norris Cotton went undecided for more than ten months past election day.

That 1974 Senate race featured a two-vote difference between Louis Wyman (R) and John Durkin (D). The GOP-controlled N.H. Ballot Commission said Wyman was the winner, but the Dem-controlled U.S. Senate refused to seat him. It remained a stalemate until August of 1975, when the Senate declared the seat vacant and called for a September special election, which Durkin won.